Sajal Karmakar

Tabla Maestro

Indian school

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For more than 40 years, Payelia has been a leading school of Indian Classical Music and Dance in Kolkata, the cultural capital of India. This leadership is not based on the numeric strength of the students of this esteemed institution but is based on the quality of musical education that it imparts and the healthy teacher-student relationship that it maintains.

For the past 40yers this school has arranged for number of shows dedicated to Indian Classical Music, both by eminent personalities of this field and by the student of this institute. The aim was to spread the beauty and essence of Indian Classical Music amongst the masses.

To evaluate the education imparted of its students, the institute has affiliated itself with the Prayag Sangit Samity, Allahabad for an examination system which the students undertake every year with full zest.

The tireless effort of the principal and other teacher of the school to impart the best musical education amongst the students makes his institution an exception in this business minded world.

TARANG – A music school in the West
with teachers  from the East

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TARANG originaly was founded as a school that exclusivly offers different disziplines in classical indian music and classical indian dance. The student which is interested to devote on such a subject has the opportunity to study Tabla, Bambooflute, Vocal or Kathak directly from first class teachers which comming from India for the purpose to teach at TARANG according to northindian schooling. All of the teachers which comming to TARANG come from Calcutta in Bengal which is one of the major cultural centers in the whole of India.

The teachers of TARANG are well experienced in teaching. They also are well known in their country through regular performances during their tours and through radio-broadcast and TV-Performances.

In spaced intervals this teachers are comming for 1 months residential staying in Germany at TARANG. During their absence the student has received from his teacher a detailed plan how to practice to get the best progress. This system has proofed for many years now. The education in all of the offered disziplines is based on classical indian tradition, even if it has some adaption to the western system of learning.


We are glad to be able to offer you in this diszipline of learning a well experienced, competent and skilled tablamaster. Sajal Karmakar is not only a teacher in tabla, he is also a member in the board of examination. In addition he is a well known musician not only in India. Beside his prior education in the subject of Tabla he received a bachelor degree in vocal and also has a good basic musical education. In the month of May and November he teaches for e period of 4 weeks at TARANG in Nuernberg, Germany.

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